Our team of staff attended the ACMO/CCI Conference on November 11 & 12, 2016.  The conference was a great success and excellent learning opportunity for all those who attended.  John Richard, one of our team members shares his thoughts following his first conference below.

When I was first invited to attend the 2016 ACMO/CCI Shaping the Future Conference I was not quite sure what to expect.  After the opening remarks and the following Rapid Fire Legal Issues, I knew I was in for a very informative two days.  As a new Property Manager I was overwhelmed by the number of Property Managers and Property Management Companies whom attended.  For the first time I was the small guy in the room, just absorbing all the collective knowledge amongst those in attendance.

There was a number of training sessions set up throughout the two days with experienced and extremely knowledgeable presenters.  Each session allowed  ample time at the end of the session to bring forward any questions.  I myself attended 4 sessions which I felt would be informative to my growing Property Management Career.  The sessions I attended were Human Rights – Barrier Free, this brought forward the ever changing physical needs for those whom require it and the ways in which the Condominium Industry has embraced change, the second session I attended was Technology in Condos, let me tell you this was one session that was informative and provided all tools available to Property Managers and Corporations alike.  Some tools which I never knew existed.   For the third session I attended Fraudsters.  Again having experienced knowledgeable speakers, there was extremely valuable information, guidelines for  detecting and preventing fraud within the Condominium Industry.  Finally the fourth session I attended was Show Me the Money.  This session kept you on your toes as the experienced speakers completed a mock board meeting around issues that happen in many board meetings when there is instances were  corporations are having financial difficulties and are not quite sure what is the best way to attack and conquer.  The presenters were able to get the message across through humour and presenting in a way that any one that may have walked into the room would understand.

On Saturday Morning there was a Key note Speaker brought in (Jim Carroll). His presentation of how the future is changing right in front of us and most of us are  not even aware.  By using past futuristic television programs from back in the sixties and seventies and what the writers from back then predicted would occur in the future.  Let me tell you the similarities where surprising.    Almost forgot to mention the vast booths set up by various trades in which we use  in the industry.  I found it very informative and was able to ask questions and get different prospective from different trades personal on re occurring problems we as Property Managers face each and every day.  Unfortunately the issue for me was I needed a couple more days just to get around to each and every booth.

Along with the food and refreshments(Starbucks Coffee) this was an priceless experience in which I know will help me continue to grow in my Property Management Career.  I would strongly urge all those whom have never attended to make sure you mark off your calendars for 2017 as I can assure it will be well worth it.