Company Overview

Malvern Condominium Property Management is large enough to view internal procedures with the detail expected from larger firms, yet small enough to ensure that our clients recognize that each of our managers is approachable and well informed. Our past efforts in the areas of planning, contractor supervision and preventative maintenance programs have not only saved our clients thousands of dollars, but have also reduced problems and inconvenience for condominium owners.

We have put together a hardworking team of specialists who provide professional services in a coordinated and cost effective manner. Our level of experience and senior management support is reflected in the attitude of the Malvern staff, as well as by our detailed reporting systems for Board members, and our understanding that communication with owners is the key to keeping a condominium running smoothly. Keeping owners informed and up-to-date on current events in your condominium minimizes conflict and gives owners a sense of community.

Malvern’s in house policy of sharing experiences between managers allows each of our clients to learn from the successes and failures of other corporations. Our managers strive to offer as much guidance and research as possible to our clients in order to facilitate the decision making process and minimize second guessing.