In this rapidly changing world of Condominium, it is worthwhile, every once in a while, to find the anchors that keep us in place.  For Malvern Condominium Property Management, one of those anchors is our ACMO2000 Certification granted by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario to condominium management companies that can show that they meet or exceed the professional standards required to provide top notched service to our condominium clients.  Malvern was just re-certified and given another recognition of our commitment to top shelf service.

As I reflected on the anchoring of our company in customer oriented service, I am reminded of our original ACMO2000 certification back in September of 2000, when Murray Johnson acted as our ACMO2000 leader and led a very talented and excited group of people, including Nathan Brown, Shirley Mote, Beverly Jolicoeur, Judy Miles and other now extremely well known condominium leaders in the condominium Management field.  Their energy set us off on a path to today, which has been eagerly picked up and advanced over the years by many other leaders.

Today, Lyndsey McNally, Kim Bittner, Chris Poland (Beverly Jolicoeur’s son), and many others work hard toward keeping our service levels top notch, and relevant.  It has been my pleasure to have been anchored to the commitment of top quality service for all of these years, and I look forward to continuing to work with tomorrow’s leaders in fulfilling our ACMO2000 promise.

Thank you to each and every one who has made this long-standing commitment a reality!

Bill Thompson

President, Malvern Condominium Property Management