Today, February 12, 2019 we are expecting another nearly 25 cms of snow in the City of Toronto, with strong winds gusting to 70 km per hour.  Many schools, buses, and businesses will be closed as a result of the severe weather.


We encourage everyone to stay indoors as much as possible during this weather event.  If you do need to travel today, here are a few safety tips:

  • Ensure that you are wearing proper footwear to walk in snowy/icy conditions. Even with shovelling and salting, complete control of slippery conditions is not possible.
  • Try not to carry any heavy objects when walking through slippery areas.
  • Make sure you have a shovel, blankets, and other emergency preparedness items in your vehicle with you.
  • Drive slowly and carefully, making sure to watch for any pedestrians. Visibility may be restricted due to blowing snow.


We also kindly ask all Residents of our condominium communities to be patient while your snow removal contractor works to service the sites.  Most contractors will start with a single plow truck to clear roadways, and will return at a later time to shovel walkways and clear in parking areas that may have been blocked on their first visit.


You should be able to expect that your site will be completely serviced by the landscaping contractor within 24 hours of the snow event.


Stay safe and warm today!