Proactive planning is very important in the smooth operation of a Condominium Corporation.  Throughout the winter months, most major projects from the previous summer season have been completed, allowing your Property Manager to take time to look to the Spring and beyond.

Throughout the winter, a proactive Condominium Manager undertakes some of the following:

– A detailed review is conducted of the Reserve Fund Study.  This is both a review to determine if an update will be due this year as well as to review the major expenditures and projects anticipated within the study so that priorities may be set by the Corporation.  By starting this process early the Board of Directors can take time to thoughtfully consider planning for the year and ensure that tenders are issued at the best time to secure competitive pricing, while still allowing the work to commence as soon as weather conditions permit.

– Advance planning is also done with respect to regular building maintenance related items such as window cleaning, garage cleaning, carpet cleaning, roof anchor inspections, roof inspections, etc.   By soliciting quotations early the Corporation will not only secure competitive pricing but will ensure they are able to scheduled the desired dates of the Corporation thereby not delaying the work.

– The beginning of the calendar year is also a good time to review all policies and procedures with respect to any employees that may work for the Corporation, required safety inspections that may be coming due on certain items of maintenance equipment as well as other areas of priority.