With the warmer weather upon us we can all appreciate everyone’s desire to entertain at their homes.   As a result parking can often become a problem within any Condominium Townhome Community.  Following are some common sense parking reminders from Malvern’s Operations Manager: Andre LeBlanc, RCM.

In order to prevent parking headaches, we would recommend owners, residents and visitors take into account the following:

Visitor Parking

Most Communities have some form of a parking registration system.   In certain communities this may be way of a note on the windshield in accordance with the requirements of the signage and in others this may include the necessity to register a vehicle through either a telephone or electronic registration system.   It is important that all residents are aware of the proper registration process so that a visitor parking can be obtained for visitors when required.     This will ensure that vehicles are not unnecessarily ticketed and/or towed from the parking areas.    Vehicle owners are reminded to carefully review signage posted to ensure they are parking in the correct location and in accordance with any applicable requirements.    As a reminder residents are prohibited from parking in visitor parking in accordance with Municipal requirements.

Fire Route & Parking Considerations

Parking in Fire Route can result in serious safety concerns as this could prevent a fire truck or other emergency vehicle from entering the community in the event of a fire or other emergency.   While we can appreciate it may be convenient to park even for brief periods in the fire route we are certain that no vehicle owner would want to jeopardize the safety of the residents of the community.   Therefore vehicle owners are reminded to parking in appropriate parking locations (i.e. visitor parking, driveways, garages etc…).   As a reminder a ticket for parking within fire route in certain municipalities can exceed $350.00 and once issued cannot be reversed or cancelled.    Vehicle owner’s should also be mindful of other considerations such as parking in the immediate vicinity of a fire hydrant, driveway, crosswalk, intersection etc.. as this can result as well as tickets depending on the particular by-law requirement of the municipality.