Successful companies try to find ways to differentiate their products or their service from those of their competitors.  Really successful companies actually accomplish that, and they become elevated in the minds of their clients.  In the Condominium Property management business, that has been a very difficult thing to accomplish.  After all, we offer service, and how can you possibly differentiate an intangible like that?  Here is how Malvern has accomplished that in 2017.

CCI Toronto Condo of The Year Award


This prestigious award is given by The Canadian Condominium Institute’s Toronto Chapter to the condominium that shows that they are worthy of recognition above all other applicants, in their efforts to make their home, their condominium, a better place for their residents to live and play.  Our client, YRCC 798 won that award this year.  Their Manager, Alexander Vainshtein has been a long-term employee with Malvern and has taken a very active leadership and support role in helping our client achieve this award.  Alexander’s commitment to customer service and attention to detail made him a natural hire for us back in 2004 when our paths first crossed. When a change in managers was needed at YRCC 798, we naturally thought of Alexander as a perfect fit for such a forward thinking community.  Malvern was also pleased to provide the support systems and training to help Alexander achieve the level of success that he has.  The team approach has always been a strength of our company and has helped jumpstart many careers over the years.  Congratulations to Alex and the whole team at Malvern for this well earned recognition.

Manager of The Year


If winning the Condo of the Year award was not enough, we were overwhelmed with pride when it was announced that our own Lyndsey McNally was awarded the Manager of the Year Award by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario.  Lyndsey is our Team Leader at Malvern, and she has worked through virtually all of our roles at Malvern, since joining our company as a Receptionist way back in 2002.  We immediately recognized her talent for organization and her uncanny ability to grasp new concepts and approaches at first introduction.  She skyrocketed through our team and was promoted through every role, including Property Manager, where she achieved her RCM designation in 2007, achieving an unprecedented mark of 99 percent in the Law course at Humber College!  Since that time, she has continued to achieve the extraordinary, and has written and rewritten every internal policy at Malvern.  She is in charge of the operations for our clients and oversees all of our Managers in a very steadfast, calm, demeanor that emanates confidence to every client and employee that she encounters.  She has recently cowritten two manuals for ACMO on ethics and finances.  Her dedication to our clients and to the condominium world is admirable and she deserves this recognition from her peers.  Congratulations Lyndsey!

Everyone understands that it is the people that make the difference between average and exceptional service.  It has been our goal, and our mission, to find, retain and continue to challenge the best people that this industry has to offer.  That is how Malvern has differentiated itself from the pack since 1972, and how we will continue to differentiate ourselves going forward.  2017 has been a successful year for our entire team and every one of them deserves congratulations for an extraordinary year!

Bill Thompson, BA, RCM, ACCI, FCCI