With the arrival of snow, we are reminded that winter is on its way!  We wish to take this opportunity to remind all persons of a few important reminders so as to ensure to stay safe through this season.

–    If not already completed it is recommended that a full inspection be completed of your furnace and/or heating equipment within your unit.   This will ensure as best as possible it is running optimally and avoid any loss of heat during the winter season.  This will also help to ensure that it is running safely, minimizing the risk of fire or carbon monoxide leaks.

–    Be sure to keep an extra bag or two of salt and/or ice melter at all entrances to be used as appropriate.

–     Practice caution when entering /existing your building and/or unit.    During the snowstorm there generally is a window of several hours prior to the snow removal firm arriving to complete snow removal.   Also in many Corporation’s it may be the responsibility of the unit to complete snow removal on their driveway or porch.   We recommend that all residents be familiar with the setup within their Corporation and if unsure check with Management.  It is also important to remember not to shovel snow onto roadways which have already been cleared.  Repeat visit from your landscapers for this reason result in extra costs to your condominium corporation.

–    Be sure to maintain a minimum temperature at all times within your unit of 20 degrees Celsius.    If the unit is kept much colder this could result in major flooding due to frozen piping and/or other issues arises due to a lack of heat.

–    If you are going away for the holidays be sure to have someone regularly check your unit.   This is a requirement of most insurance companies and frequency can vary depending on the carrier.   It is also suggested that Management be advised of any prolonged absence and that they be provided with an emergency contact in the event an emergency should arise

–      If you live in a Corporation with  a resident Superintendent, Cleaning Staff and/or Security we encourage you to take the opportunity to wish the staff members a happy holiday season.    It is important to remember that these staff often will be working over the holidays away from their family and/or loved ones

–    Be mindful of local fire regulations as well as the requirements of your Corporation.   Many Condominium’s prohibit holiday decoration on the balcony, secured to the door, or for example real Christmas Trees due to fire risks.