Spring is arriving today, and we say goodbye to Winter 2017/2018.

With each change in season, special considerations need to be taken by a Condominium Corporation as well by individual Unit Owners.


– Clocks recently were brought forward 1 hour for daylight savings time.   It is important that all computer system, video surveillance, card access systems etc. be reviewed and adjusted as needed to ensure they reflect the correct time as this is important for record purposes of the condominium.

– Now is a good time to check smoke alarm alarms and carbon monoxide alarms within your condo and to replace the battery.

– Property Managers should double check their spring planning guide to ensure that all seasonal bookings such as garage sweeps, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, in-suite fan-coil maintenance, etc. are booked and scheduled.   As the season progresses and more and more Condominiums schedule their seasonal maintenance items scheduling can become difficult with less availability from the Contractors.   It is also recommended that the roof anchor inspection reports be double checked for the condo to ensure that it is current and issued within the past year

– It is suggested and recommended that the Corporation’s landscape plan be reviewed to determine what plantings will be desired as well as prep work.   It is important that appropriate quotations be sought and approvals issued so they can be carried out as soon as weather allows.  This is especially important for annual plantings that require rain to rake root – wait too late into summer and they burn in the sun.

– It is important to ensure you note the year end of your Corporation.   Consideration can then be given to when to plan the audit, annual general meeting and budget preparation.


As an additional note, the summer construction season will soon start for Condominiums.   A detailed review of your Reserve Fund Study as well as a discussion with the Board of Directors is important to determine what capital projects will be completed in the upcoming year.   Careful planning in advance will ensure these projects are completed on budget and efficiently.