Bill 106, the proposed Consumer Protection Legislation for Condominium owners in Ontario moved to 2nd reading in the legislature and is currently being debated.  Once the bill passes the 2nd reading, it will move to committee for further review.

Further details on the proposed legislation can he found here:

For more information on the debate, a transcript can be found here:;jsessionid=c72d607930d75a7e4f69210149c2b643ceab35fbf44d.e3eRb3iNcheNe34Sb3aRch0Qc3v0n6jAmljGr5XDqQLvpAe?locale=en&Date=2015-09-15&detailPage=%2Fhouse-proceedings%2Ftranscripts%2Ffiles_html%2F15-SEP-2015_L095.htm&Parl=41&Sess=1#P989_210250