When Covid-19 hits your workplace all of your best plans will get tested! 


We just had a positive COVID test result in our office on Monday  All of our preparation and planning could have been wasted, if we could not depend on our external partners.  We called Renolux Restore Group as soon as we were informed of our postive Covid test result.  They arrived within an hour with their patented Ster-ol Infection Control System and treated every surface in our office.  They treated the computers, the keyboards, the monitors, the mice, the desks, the walls the floors, the doors, the door knobs, the floors and every imaginable surface, including our plastic COVID barriers at the reception desk.  Within an hour, they had completed their work and applied the patented Steramist solution with their custom designed application equipment, and just like that, they were gone.  If only we could use their solution on our people! 

Now we will have a 99.9999% pathogen free environment when our employees can return to work after they receive a negative COVID-19 test result.  Today the Provincial Government announced a stay at home order to try and control this unprecedented virus for at least the next month.  Our office, as an essential service industry office, will reopen with essential staff who cannot work from home as soon as our employees are verified COVID free.  With the surface life of COVID still being debated, using the Ster-ol Infection Control System allows our employees to return to to a clean environment with greatly reduced risk to them.  For that I have to say “Thank You” to Renolux Restore Group for their fast response, complete application, and care that they put into our operation.  They are a great partner in this extreme time of need!

Until the Provincial State Of Emergency is lifted, all of our Managers will be working from home, and our skeletal staff will be working out of our newly cleaned office to look after the needs of our client condos and the nearly 5000 homes that we oversee.  If you get the chance, please thank our staff for their self-less contributions to making your home safer during this unprecedented time.  They too are heroes worth celebrating!