With the festivities of Halloween approaching we wish to take this opportunity to provide a few reminder and tips for everyone to with respect to Halloween.

 Tips & Reminder for Townhome Communities

We would encourage all residents to leave external lighting on, especially if participating in distribution of candies to children.   Depending on weather conditions areas can become quite dark and supplementary lighting (where possible) will help to keep everyone safe.   We encourage you to ensure decorations are placed safely, securely and in a manner as to not pose a safety risk or obstruction especially within walkways, driveways.   Also be mindful of the line of sight as at times decorations can block or obstruct vehicles or persons creating unsafe conditions on-site.   Lastly we would encourage all residents to practice neighbourhood watch.   Additional eyes and ears will help to ensure the safety of everyone.

Tips & Reminder for Highrise Communities

It is important to know if your building permits door to door collection of Halloween candies.   Many buildings do not permit this and in fact will organize distribution within the lobby, party room or other suitable venue.   In many buildings volunteers are needed both to assist with the decoration of lobby or party rooms as well as to distribute candies.   We would encourage all residents to check with their Property Management for further information.

Residents within highrise buildings also do at times wish to decorate their unit.   Consideration should be taken to see what is permitted under the Rules and Regulations.  We also encourage residents to ensure that any decorations installed are temporary in nature, not permanently affixed or drilled into doors, walls, balcony railings etc.  and installed in a safe manner.

With everyone’s assistance this holiday will remain safe and memorable for everyone.