As many Unit Owner’s and Board of Directors can appreciate from time to time it can be difficult to receive the necessary quorum for a Condominium Corporation to conduct business.   This can result in meetings having to be re-scheduled at significant costs to the Corporation and/or necessary By-laws and/or Declaration Amendments from being approved.   This can at times grind to a halt the business of the Corporation and have a significant impact on the efficient operation of the community.

To assist in the collection of proxies we are pleased to announce our association with to provide an on-line and secure platform to make available for our Condominium Clients electronic proxies for use at their general meetings.   In conjunction with Management GetQuorum co-ordinates this service which is made available both in direct notification to unit owners by Management as well as electronic communication on behalf of the Corporation by GetQuorum for the sole purpose of collecting proxies.   The information collected and provided is secure and provides to unit owners a quick and easy option to return their proxy.

To see an example of an electronic proxy in action, visit

Malvern has used this service at several critical Owners meetings and we are pleased to report that this platform was an integral part in providing the necessary proxy return required.   This has been an especially welcome tool to communicate with those unit owners who reside or have mailing addresses off-site.   As an added benefit, when Unit Owners return their proxy they are provided with the option to opt-in for electronic communication from the Corporation.   As more Owners opt into this option the costs will continually decrease to the Condominium Corporation for distribution of general mailings from the Corporation (i.e. Notice of AGM etc.)

Costs are minimal for this service but do vary depending on the size of the Corporation and nature of meeting.   If you are interested in receiving further information please let your Property Manager know so further information can be provided.