Look To The Future

While the Ontario government is slowly releasing the restrictions on staying home, we think it prudent to remind all of our valued clients to remember that this is not over yet.  Your actions in ensuring that you respect social distancing in your common areas, together with some basic sanitation precautions will help to make sure that COVID-19 does not come back.  

If you live in a building with elevators and underground garages, it is good practice to wear a mask while going through these areas, and carry a sanitized cloth or a paper towel to help push buttons and open doors while travelling through the condominium.  This will help not only you, but your fellow owners and neighbours to stay safe.  Remember to only use the sanitized cloth or paper towel once and dispose of it as soon as you get back to your unit.

If you live in a townhome or detached condo, remember that there are still some shared areas that can be of increased risk of contamination, like mailboxes, common areas or community centres.  Use precautions similar to those noted above when using these areas.

Soon we will see the reopening of common use facilities, like playgrounds, gyms, saunas, party rooms, games rooms and other common amenities.  When that happens, rest assured that the condominium will increase precautionary cleaning, but keep in mind that you play a role in that success.  If you use the facilities, please follow any interim usage rules that you community puts in place.  They are there to protect you and your fellow Owners.

We will beat COVID-19.  You can help to make that sooner than later.  Keep the future in sight, and remember that small sacrifices and adjustments to your life in the short term will help to ensure that we beat it sooner, with less sorrow and suffering.