Legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic in politics, the news, and in condominium communities for some time now – ever since the Federal Liberals announced the Cannabis Act.


Effective tomorrow, October 17, 2018, it will be legal to purchase recreational marijuana in Ontario through a web service and retail locations will begin opening in April 2019.  Interestingly, anyone smoking recreational marijuana on October 17 will likely be doing so illegally as purchases through the new web service will not be possible until October 17 and it will take some time for the product to be delivered.  Recreational marijuana will be legal to use anywhere that tobacco use is allowed.


But how does this affect condominium communities?  Many condominiums have rushed to pass laws banning use of cannabis on the property.  This approach is certainly valid, but may not be right for all communities.  Some corporations have instead chosen a wait and see approach given that all corporations already have tools to enforce against any behaviour that creates a nuisance for members of their community.  It may be argued that a specific rule is not required.


Regardless of an individual community’s approach to the new legislation, it is important to keep in mind that the Cannabis Act will create a change in society’s views on the use of marijuana for recreation.  As with any change in society, it takes time for acceptance so tolerance of the rights of others should prevail if in doubt.