Retirement Notice

Leading the way

January 31, 2022


To All Clients, Staff, Contractors, and Friends,


It is with a deep sense of thanks and appreciation that I take this opportunity to announce my retirement from Malvern and the Condominium Management profession effective January 31, 2022.


I entered this field back in 1985, the day after graduating from York University.  Over those 37 years, I have had the honour to meet many wonderful people who have taught me the value of honesty, integrity and commitment.  I have spent 32 of those years as an employee of Malvern, 27 of them as the President.  I have volunteered my time for both ACMO and CCI every year since I entered this industry, because learning cannot happen in a vacuum.  I have always learned more than I taught and considered it a great way to continue to learn and grow throughout my life.  I have encouraged those around me to do the same, and many of you have stepped up with enthusiasm, for which I am extremely proud.


I am looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends during my retirement and cherish the thought of seeing some world wonders and generally enjoying the freedom that retirement will inevitably bring.  I will, however, not be fully out of touch as I have two Court Appointed Administrator roles to complete before I am fully retired.  That will likely take a few more years to accomplish but will be a nice way to keep busy and still contribute toward the betterment of people’s lives.


Malvern could have been sold to a large international management company, which seems to be the trend these days, but it was very important to me to ensure that Malvern remained intact and had the same principal of personal service and family commitment that it has enjoyed during it’s first 50 years in business.


Beverly Jolicoeur will take over my role as President.  Bev has worked for Malvern in the past for many years and has a great understanding of the culture and the beliefs that Malvern has always tried to adhere to.  I have no doubt that she will find success in continuing the relationships that have been built over the 50 years that Malvern has been in business, and that she will bring her own unique flair and personal touches to Malvern.


Directly supporting Beverly will be Christopher Poland, who will be promoted to the role of Vice President.  Chris is a long-term Manager with Malvern and has been working as my right-hand person for the last few years.  Chris is familiar with all facets of Malvern and has been our go-to person for beta testing any new policy, procedure, or program that we have onboarded for use in the field.


I will be supporting Bev and Chris to ensure the smoothest transition possible for everyone involved.  Change is never easy, but it is inevitable, and desirable.  I hope that you will look at this change as just the next chapter in Malvern’s long and accomplished record in this, our 50th year in business.


Let me close out by thanking each one of you that have touched my life during my career at Malvern.  Thank you for trusting me and helping me to succeed through your actions and commitment.  You are what I will miss most every day.


I wish you continued happiness and success throughout your lives and thank you for the support that you have given to me so freely over the last nearly four decades and the support that you will continue to give to the next leaders at Malvern.



Bill Thompson BA, RCM, ACCI, FCCI