President's Message



Bill Thompson


The Condominium world is changing. It is no longer a simple place for a fledgling condominium industry to work through the trial and error of gaining experience. Back in 1985, when I first came to this industry, the skill set and experience requirement for a Condominium Manager and the Management Company, was very little. There was no such thing as Tarion. New Condominiums would simply concentrate on their landscaping and make sure the grass was green and weed free, and that dead trees got replaced whenever they died! Nobody thought about roofs and windows, or elevators and reserve fund studies, or focused on the long-term management. Managing today without a firm vision on the long-term needs is just not done.

Boards have become better educated and are more aware of their duties. They are demanding better, more experienced and more responsive management for their Community. Owners are demanding better value, better communication and better response times from their Boards. Management must have the experience to be able to keep a clear perspective, and meet the needs of both the Boards and the Owners. Management must be able to innovate their processes to continually offer better services. Management companies must find ways to pass on their collective experience and knowledge to their Managers through effective supervision. Managers must find ways to deliver that service to the Owners and the Boards.

As the President of Malvern Condominium Property Management, I am very pleased to say that our team embodies all of the desirable traits for good, sound Condominium Management. Our staff is dedicated to making our clients understand how important their business is to us. Our Managers are open minded, polite, respectful individuals who understand the views of our Owners. Our Managers are career oriented and either have attained, or are in the process of attaining their RCM designation. Our Supervisors are well-trained, experienced individuals who are dedicated to making our services the best that they can be. Our systems are well thought out, with more than 35 years of practical, hands-on condominium experience. They are designed specifically for Condominiums and have not been altered from another form of Management, like rental, retail, or co-op housing.

If you are a Condominium looking for the best Condominium Management value in the Greater Toronto Area, you will want to give us a call. If you are a Condominium Manager looking for the best place to work in the city, you’ve found it. We understand that we are not just managing condominiums. We are managing needs. We are managing relationships. I am certain that our level of success is unparalleled and can only be achieved with a dedicated desire by all of our staff.

I would like to thank all of our employees for their ongoing dedication and efforts. I would also like to thank all of our clients for believing in us. Without you, there would be no Malvern.


Bill Thompson BA, RCM, ACCI, FCCI